Pro Site Services & Supplies

MCE Pro-Site Services was established to service the Aluminium and Smelter Industries utilising the vast experience that the Directors have with the industry as they were both employed by BHP Billiton Aluminium Smelter and Richards Bay Mineral. The services provided by MCE Pro-site are also related to the process of making Aluminium such as:

  • Pot Tending
  • ‚ÄčPot Skimming
  • Pot Preparation
  • Pot Energising
  • Pot Start-up

MCE train operators that are provided to the smelter for the above services and they manage them to deliver the quality service.

MCE have also developed in-house two low profile remote controlled Bob cats which are utilised for the cleaning of the basement. MCE has providing the oxy-lancing of metal spillages to the Smelters.

The other services that MCE Pro-Site provides are:

  • Electrolytic Cells (Pots) change –out
  • Superstructure repairs and refurbishments
  • CAFD and ATFD Spout Change out
  • Emergency Buss bar Welding
  • Pot Room Maintenance
  • Hopper repairs – Live Pots
  • Air Slides change-out and repairs on live pots
  • Positive riser welding
  • Bolt Torqueing of C Clamps
  • Aligning and Straightening of PTA Rails
  • Pot Hood Repairs and Manufacturing
  • Cutting of Feeder rings on live pots
  • Manufacturing and repairs of Small Tools
  • In-situ Electrolytic cells repairs



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